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The members of the Ashland City Band are selected by audition. Sight reading skills are of particular importance since each one-hour concert must be prepared in one two-hour rehearsal. The 2015 season Ashland City Band personnel [Regular Members, Substitute Players, and Guests] included:

Conductor: Don Bieghler (Medford, OR)
Flute/Piccolo: Penny Austin (Ashland, OR)
Jackie Beck (Medford, OR)
Jennifer Behnke (Medford, OR)
Luna Bitzer (Ashland, OR)
Kathleen Finnegan (Talent, OR)
Debra Harris (Ashland, OR)
Kyra Hegdahl (Grants Pass, OR)
Phebe Ann Kimball (Ashland, OR)
Lisa Nichols (Ashland, OR)
Cynthia Raymond (Talent, OR)
Oboe: Erin Finney (Ashland, OR)
Kristin Kessler (Medford, OR)
Barbara Knox (Ashland, OR)
Bassoon: Karen Basin (Talent, OR)
Marge Bismark (Medford, OR)
Tiffany Schmidt (Ashland, OR)
Catharine Sleppy (Medford, OR)
Eb Clarinet: Marilyn Anderson (Ashland, OR)
Bb Clarinet: Steve Arrasmith (Medford, OR)
Erika Barrows (Medford, OR)
Pat Collins (Medford, OR)
Jeff Eichman (Eagle Point, OR)
Gary Farnham (Ashland, OR)
Gwen Hutchings (Medford, OR)
Abel Olstad (Phoenix, OR)
Daleta Perone (Medford, OR)
Yair Strauss (Ashland, OR)
Heather Tomiyana (Ashland, OR)
Ed Wight (Ashland, OR)
Alto Clarinet: Diane Hedges (Ashland, OR)
Bass Clarinet: Tim Hutchings (Medford, OR)
Contrabass Clarinet: Paul Hedges (Ashland, OR)
Alto Saxophone: Ling Helphand (Ashland, OR)
Jenifer Knippel (Ashland, OR)
Angel McDonald (Ashland, OR)
Tenor Saxophone: Hope Erickson (Ashland, OR)
Baritone Saxophone: Doug MacDonell (Ashland, OR)
Trumpet: Jack Amick (Ashland, OR)
Ronald Crouse (Medford, OR)
Bruce Dresser (Ashland, OR)
John Ferreira (White City, OR)
Becky Fuller-Phillips (Medford, OR)
Richard Horn (Central Point, OR)
Steve Kessler (Medford, OR)
Charles Korson (Jacksonville, OR)
Erik Osberg (Medford, OR)
Brad White (Ashland, OR)
French Horn: Michael Cady (Jacksonville, OR)
Jenifer Carstensen (Ashland, OR)
Shirley Donnelly (Medford, OR)
Alison Dresser (Ashland, OR)
Linda Harris (Medford, OR)
Cindy Hutton (Ashland, OR)
Shea Pasche (Talent, OR)
MaryAnn Squire (Grants Pass, OR)
Mike Wraight (Ashland, OR)
Trombone: Jon Christian (Ben Lomond, CA)
Mike DeRoest (Medford, OR)
Mark Jacobs (Medford, OR)
Terry Kerby (Phoenix, OR)
Ken Loftus (Ashland, OR)
Raoul Maddox (Ashland, OR)
Tim McCartney (Ashland, OR)
Bass Trombone: Dave Hoxie (Central Point, OR)
Terry Lund (Cave Junction, OR)
Yvonne Rowe (Gold Beach, OR)
Euphonium: Jerry Ostermeier (Grants Pass, OR)
Talon Smith (Ashland, OR)
Harvey Woods (Medford, OR)
Tuba: Kathy Graves (Yreka, CA)
Jon Kimball (Ashland, OR)
Eric Knox (Medford, OR)
Mike Knox (Ashland, OR)
Preston Mitchell (Medford, OR)
String Bass: David Miller (Talent, OR)
Percussion: Ron Briery (Eagle Point, OR)
Jonathan Curty (Ashland, OR)
Dave Hegdahl (Grants Pass, OR)
Craig Mather (Ashland, OR)
Rebecca Pinnock (Ashland, OR)
Jenetta Plankenhorn (Central Point, OR)
Sound Technician: Brian Tingle (Ashland, OR)
Librarians: Rebecca Pinnock, Ed Wight
Quartermasters: Jenetta Plankenhorn, Yvonne Rowe

If you are interested in finding out about openings for next season and desire to schedule an audition, please email Don Bieghler. Auditions are normally held in late May and/or early June each year for the upcoming season and new members are accepted on an as-needed basis upon passing the audition.

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