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ACB logo The Ashland City Band recommends these links to websites (mostly local) of special interest:

City of Ashland, OR

Sponsor of the Ashland City Band as part of its City Charter. The band is administered through the Parks and Recreation Department. Several of the 2005 and 2006 Ashland City Band concerts may be viewed from the website by clicking here. They require a Real Video player.

Lithia Park

The Ashland City Band's concert home has been in Lithia Park for over a century and two structures were built in the park over the years specifically for the ACB: the gazebo constructed in 1915-16 and the Butler Band Shell in 1949 (at which time the gazebo was taken down). Take a tour of Lithia Park's Woodland Trail at this website.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Our neighbor performing arts center which features the first Elizabethan theater in the United States.

Project A

Our website hosting service which provides a variety of Internet-related services to the Ashland area.

Rogue Valley.com

An excellent Internet resource for information about and activities within the Rogue Valley area.

Rogue Valley Community Television

RVTV, our local public access television station, has taped our concerts and replayed them for several years.

Rogue Valley Symphonic Band

An outstanding wind ensemble, many of whose members perform with the Ashland City Band.

Rogue Valley Symphony

Another outstanding area ensemble that includes members of the Ashland City Band.

Southern Oregon Concert Band

A long-standing community band with several members who participate in the Ashland City Band.

Southern Oregon Historical Society

Dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the southern Oregon area, the SOHS's resources have contributed invaluably in finding information regarding the origins and development of the Ashland City Band.

Southern Oregon University

Several members of the Ashland City Band are SOU students, faculty, staff, or alumni.

Swing Kings

Founded and directed by one of the most senior members of the ACB, Harry Kannasto, the Swing Kings perform all around the area and many of the members of the Swing Kings play in the ACB as well. The Swing Kings are one of the regular pre-concert entertainment groups each summer.

Today In Ashland

An excellent Internet source for activities in and around Ashland, including the ACB concerts.

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Salem Concert Band list

Listings and links to other community bands around the country and around the world.

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