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The Ashland City Band presents nine Thursday evening concerts each summer at the Butler Band Shell in Ashland, Oregon's Lithia Park. The concerts last approximately an hour. In addition, the band leads Ashland's Independence Day Parade and presents a concert in the park following the parade. Concerts are free and provide a varied range of musical genres. Essentially, the band prepares each performance during one two-hour rehearsal, usually the evening prior to the concert. This requires that band members be excellent sight-readers, not only being able to play the notes on the pages with little rehearsal, but to play them musically in the process. The City of Ashland's Charter requires the band to perform a minimum of twenty services per season: ten rehearsals and ten performances.

Concert programs for each performance generally get posted on the website Monday or Tuesday evening before that week's concert for those who would like to know what will be presented. These program listings will remain indefinitely. Among the projects in progress is a compilation of programs from concerts all the way back to 1930, the earliest listings we have been able to find to date. Blue font indicates the concert program is presently available:

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